About Us

Vie Chemie is a creation of Michael Vennard and the Skicorp Family both who have had considerable experience in the Speciality Chemical Industry as well as in the Leather, Shoe and Fancy goods Industries. Michael has worked in the Speciality Chemical Industry for a total of 45 years, 16 years of this with ICI/Zeneca and 15 years with Clariant, as well as working with Italian chemical companies setting up Asian JVs and Tanneries all over the world, in Indonesia, China, UK and Africa. The dream of Vie Chemie, after over a year of careful planning and networking has finally become a reality. Vie Chemie has to walk with the Giants and to do this it has made necessary Strategic alliances with Large Multi-National specialty chemical companies to share High tech technology, namely in Polyurethanes, High performance Acrylics and Pigments, although an Indian local company we have the Technology to take on the Big Brands and Vie for the business. Michael in particular has learned from the mistakes of Big Brands who always seem to lose their way as they were pushed by their investors to continually increase their profits and reduce their investments, equipment got left behind and often technology along with it. Although Leather is a traditional business, coatings in particular has leapt ahead and it is time for the Leather coatings business to catch up. The proof is in the product and only by testing Vie Chemie range of products will customers see what we have to offer. How can we prove our products are better. Main areas of focus are Leather Chemicals the full range from beamhouse to finish as well as after care products. Also we have developed a full range of Eco Friendly Cleaning chemicals. To help our close customers in the Leather industry we have also developed many speciality products for a variety of surfaces and uses. Contact us for more information.

Vie means Life, Leather is life and Life is leather. We offer a small range of products but all do not contain any restricted substances, and often perform better than their toxic cousins. Check them out today.

Michael Vennard Technical Consultant, Vie Chemie, your partner for Life. BON VIE, GOOD LIFE

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