Leather Chemicals

The Preservation of animal skins has been carried out for thousands or millions of years prepared by smoke, tannins, brains, leaves and fats and oils, but nowadays aldehydes, chrome III, Phosphonium and natural vegetable tannins have replaced these earlier methods allowing easy reproducibility and a full range of natural looking and smelling Leathers in a full spectrum of fashion looks as required by the brands. Vie Chemie produces the full range of Leather Chemicals for Beamhouse, Tanning, Retanning and Fatliquoring, Finishing, and even Shoe and Fancy Goods Finishes for all types of Leather and Non Leather Goods.
Emission free low density systems
Fluffy Light-weight systems and stucco upgrading
Long Lasting Natural Leathers with Beautiful Ageing properties for Top Brands
Flame Retardant:
Shoe, Gloves and Protective Suits for Firemen and Furnace Workers or even Automotive/Aircraft Seating
Leather Softeners:
Cationic Leather Softeners and Silicone Softeners for Ultra Soft and Light-weight Leathers and aid breathability
Furniture Upholstery:
Feather Soft Leathers with long lasting natural ageing properties
Feather Soft Leathers with Ultra High Yields for Minimising costs
Leather Finishes:
Full Range Leather Coatings
Shoe and Fancy Goods Finishes:
Full Range Shoe, Bag, Sofa and Garment Finishes for After Care.

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