Speciality Chemicals

Vie Chemie works closely with all its customers and has developed over the years many speciality products which are needed to improve the business of our clients. Our coatings chemicals have broadened their application areas which now include Rubber coatings used for Shoe Soles and upgrading this basic material to improve its aesthetics and give it a Leathery look and feel with outstanding physical properties. Canvas and Jute are becoming popular to supplement Leather in Bags and fancy Goods, and with Vie Chemie speciality coatings we can develop a wide range of aesthetically pleasing fashion looks, handles and feels.

Our clients have had problems with rusty metal buckles and fasteners etc and Vie Chemie developed a special cleaner to remove rust and tarnish as well as a self crosslinking silicone coating which helps to stop oxidation and lengthens the life of these metals and stops contamination of rust onto pastel Leathers. Our Gloving customers often suffer with colour problems where whiteness is insufficient, we developed a White Powdered Milling Wax that is used in the Dry Milling process to brighten colours give a good feel and even upgrade defects. Contact Vie Chemie for your personal developmentsā€¦

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